Home Station

I live in an apartment on the second (middle) story. Fortunately, my building is at a higher elevation than the surrounding area so that helps somewhat. I’m able to get some wire antennas into some very good positions in the trees. In the past, I have rented apartments on the top floor but this one was as unique situation. The picture below shows a 2m and 70cm yagi, both home-made and are on a rotor. Included in this picture but hard to see is a 900 MHz vertical antenna, hanging from the balcony’s roof to the left. Also, barely visible in the middle toward the top, is a round white object. That’s a coaxial cable current choke. You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a wire, each about 30 ft. long, extending into the trees from both sides of this choke.

Full living room view. A bachelor pad, yes.

IC-706 MK2G (“DC-to-daylight”) and IC-207 for V/UHF FM.

All of my machines run Kubuntu Linux except for a Windows 7 box I keep for recording TV shows and a Windows XP instance running in a virtual machine for some old-school ham radio software. There’s also the good old Commodore 64. It works, and so do the floppy disks made over 20 years ago.

2016-07-24 01.01.50