Home Station

I recently got married and moved into the wife’s duplex. I was able to get a j-pole and wire antenna on the roof with no problem. I also set up a smaller antenna for scanning and packet/APRS work.

The j-pole is 3/4-wave at 2 m and works surprisingly well on 70 cm as well. At the bottom is a coax choke that feeds a dipole, both sides of which are barely visible and one is in a tree.

This antenna is dedicated to packet/APRS and scanner work. Mostly APRS as I keep an I-gate going.

The home office. I work from here too. There are a few computers and servers too. All machines run Kubuntu or Xubuntu Linux. A lot of number-crunching happens here as these machines contribute to Standford University’s Folding@Home project.

Icom 207 and 706-MK2G.