Welcome to my amateur radio website, n0xmz.com. My main pursuits in ham radio are home-brewing and working DX. My interests in science and technology go back to when I was a kid. I loved to take apart electronic devices, especially radios, just to see how they were built. I seldom could put them back together. I built my first AM transmitter when I was about eight years old and learned how to program computers in BASIC two years later.

Today, I kind of do the same thing but on a more advanced level. In addition to my amateur radio hobby, I’m almost finished with a BS-CIS (computer information systems) degree. I enjoy working with Linux on all of my computers (except one), including a couple of several servers that I run from home and another that is hosted. I enjoy learning C, C++, and Java programming. Lately, my focus has been on shell scripting and managing headless servers and databases, some for work but mostly as a hobby.

I like to work all the bands I can, given my current real estate. I’m usually on 20 or 40 meters. I also like digital modes like PSK31 and Hellschreiber. I’d like to see some more digital activity on 30 meters. Contact me to arrange a scheduled attempt. As for repeaters, I’m almost always available on the Allstar 900 MHz Link (Node 41170) and occasionally 2m and 70cm. I scan most local repeaters within range. If you’re in the area, I check into the local microwave club’s net on 144.15 (USB) every Sunday night.

You can see pictures of my home and mobile stations by clicking appropriate links above. More content will be added to this website as time permits.